We have an alternative way to imagine our lives, an alternative to a violent, exclusive, exploitive, hierarchical dominating system most of us experience in the world today.
I didn’t think matriarchies still existed. I grew up believing that patriarchy was the only paradigm that has ever existed and that war and violence was inevitable and innate in human beings.
That’s the big lie. Matriarchies exist and they are gender-balanced societies, the original deity is female and peace is valued over war. Difference is seen as essential for progress and hence the pairs of opposites are necessary. Homosexuality is respected; nature is revered as the great mother goddess creatrix.”
Colleen Wagner



Heide Goetiner-Abendroth


Nana Yaa Adomaa


Helene Claudot-Hawad


Nana Ako Abenaa Bensua II